Photos: A whole lot of monkey business at LunarFest 2016 in Vancouver

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      LunarFest has always been a showcase for Asian art. However this year, organizers monkeyed around with that concept.

      On the plaza of the Vancouver Art Gallery, there was a display featuring three Canadian artists and three Taiwanese artists. Their mission was to integrate simians into their creations in honour of the Year of the Monkey.

      One of the most intriguing was a collaboration between Taiwanese master paper-sculpture artist Hsin-Fu Hung and Walter Kao, a student at Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

      Entitled Real Me, it featured identical arrangements of Hung's paper animals on both sides of a table. A frame between them was made to appear like a mirror.

      Student Walter Kao collaborated with Taiwanese paper-sculpture artist Hsin-Fu Hung.
      Charlie Smith

      There were also monkeys on both sides, too. No doubt, this fooled some passersby into thinking they were simply looking at a reflection.

      In Real Me, the monkey is surrounded by animals created from paper.
      Charlie Smith

      Nearby was another work, Imagine, by Taiwanese artist Jhao-Jhen Chen. It looked like a gift but included holes, enabling people to look inside the box and see the monkey.

      Imagine is Jhao-Jhen Chen's way of showing the anticipation that comes when a gift arrives.
      Charlie Smith

      Urban Zoo was created by local artist Sherri Rogers to depict wildlife in the city. She accomplished this by placing the monkey near images of urban life.

      Sherri Rogers's Urban Zoo coveys the impact of the city on wildlife.
      Charlie Smith

      Another piece called On The Way Home featured a monkey peering through a tunnel underneath the ground. Created by Taiwanese artist Yen-Chun Lu, it depicted a pathway to her village. The destination featured an imaginary grocery store that she has wished for.

      Then there was an arrangement of banana art collected by B.C. artist Anna Banana. It seemed particularly fitting, given that this is the Year of the Monkey.

      Anna Banana's fascination for banana-related artwork was on display.
      Charlie Smith

      Below, you can see more images from LunarFest.

      Kids who were born in the Year of the Monkey created these stickers.
      Charlie Smith
      The Vancouver Taiwan Hakka Association showed how traditional, flavourful teas are created.
      Legend has it that the monkey had to recover a magical bar from the dragon king.
      Charlie Smith
      There were different types of fortunes being told over the weekend.
      Charlie Smith
      Tasty, Korean-style, potato-chiplike tornados were available at LunarFest.
      Charlie Smith
      It wouldn't be LunarFest without entertainment straight from Taiwan.