Vision Vancouver to run eight candidates for city council

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      Even if Vision Vancouver wins a clean sweep this fall, they'll continue to face some opposition at city hall.

      The city's ruling party has ensured this by choosing to run eight candidates for the 10-seat city council in the November election.

      Vision will field five candidates for the seven-seat park board, and seven candidates for the nine-seat school board.

      The decision to leave two slots on each body uncontested was made by the Vision executive last night (May 1).

      "This will ensure we're putting forward an energetic and experienced slate of candidates at all three levels, in what will be a tough election campaign against the NPA this year," Mayor Gregor Robertson, who is seeking re-election, said today (May 2) in an email to Vision supporters.

      "We need to keep moving Vancouver forward and re-elect progressive majorities for City Council, Park Board and School Board. We can't risk going backwards with the NPA - a party that opposes the Greenest City Action Plan, voted against new housing for the homeless, and won't stand up against a massive expansion of oil tankers in our harbour."

      Vision incumbents will face a leadership review vote at the party's AGM on May 4. The other candidates will be nominated on June 22.

      On May 7, the Non-Partisan Association, which has not held a nomination meeting, plans to announce some of its candidates for the civic election.

      The Green Party of Vancouver is set to nominate four candidates for council, including incumbent Adriane Carr.

      COPE, TEAM, and other parties are also expected to field candidates this fall.


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      May 4, 2014 at 10:52am

      The coming election is an opportunity for the citizens of Vancouver to restore democracy to Vancouver. It doesn't seem possible after years of Vision, but council meetings actually can be held with democratic discussions, open minds, and final votes not preordained from backroom deal making. It is possible for citizens to speak up about their neighborhoods without being labeled NIMBY's by their own elected representatives. Voters simply need to remove the developer parties (Vision and the NPA) and replace them with a mix of councilors from Green, COPE, TEAM, independents, and others that do not accept developer funding.


      May 5, 2014 at 9:19am

      "...but council meetings actually can be held with democratic discussions, open minds, and final votes not preordained from backroom deal making"

      With you until you suggest that people vote for COPE.

      Really ?

      Not defending anyone, but the current version of COPE should not be let within 100 miles of City Hall if you want "democratic discussions and open minds".

      They cant accomplish that within their own party.


      May 5, 2014 at 9:46am

      This is really interesting. Why would Vision leave uncontested slots? Are they that (over?)confident...or are they that wise?

      Canada has a tradition of the loyal opposition and it is from one's civil opponents that debate, resistance, questions can be debated in public. It is a useful thing for the public when the occasional idea arises that is so smart that the government just does it even though the other side may have come up with it first. It is also a useful thing for the government to HAVE an other side - otherwise one might start debating and fracturing internally.


      Sarah B

      May 5, 2014 at 10:20am

      I'm amused anyone would consider the NPA a threat to the incumbent. Hilarious.


      May 5, 2014 at 3:36pm

      So the latest diversion is tankers in the harbour? Federal jurisdiction, he has no meaningful say in the matter.

      Typical Gregor, make bold promises like "ending homelessness" which he will never be able to achieve, then mumbling excuses later why he could not deliver, in fact it's worse now.

      Do not be fooled by his "green" agenda. EVERY action is designed to increase property values, making a more favorable climate for his developer supporters. What better way to increase property values than to make driving so difficult, that the only alternative is to live within walking distance from your work? Density = profit.


      May 5, 2014 at 6:13pm

      They have made some terrible choices and demonstrated huge disrespect for what Vancouverites actually want. This city is less livable everyday. I will be voting for anyone but these 8 individuals. I want democracy back!