Angus Reid Institute poll shows most city dwellers feel home prices are high or unreasonably high

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      It's not just in Vancouver and Toronto where people feel home prices are too high.

      An Angus Reid Institute survey of 5,687 adults across the country showed that 32 percent of respondents felt the cost of housing was "unreasonably high". Another 23 percent stated that prices were "high, but understandable given the area".

      In Vancouver, 70 percent of respondents said that home prices were unreasonably high. Another 17 percent stated that prices were high, but understandable given the area.

      In Toronto, 46 percent said that housing prices were unreasonably high.

      Only 32 percent across the country believed prices were reasonable overall, and just five percent felt prices were "maybe a bit low".

      "While respondents from Vancouver and Toronto are most likely to say their real estate markets are overheated, more than half of Canadians (56%)—including those living in smaller markets—also say housing prices in their neighbourhoods fall outside of what’s 'reasonable'," Angus Reid Instite said in a news release.

      Nearly two-thirds of poll respondents stated that they felt the government should get more involved to ensure the system is more fair. B.C. was highest in this regard, with 74 percent feeling this way.

      Shadow flipping opposed by most Canadians

      In the past month, "shadow flipping" has become a hot topic in Vancouver. This feeling intensified after NDP housing critic David Eby held a news conference on Family Day. He called for an investigation into why contracts to purchase homes were being sold several times after a homeowner had already agreed to sell.

      That has prompted a review by an independent advisory group chaired by Financial Institutions Commission CEO Carolyn Rogers.

      The Angus Reid Institute poll showed that 33 percent of Canadians feel thas shadow flipping is "entirely unacceptable" and another 32 percent said it is "generally unacceptable".

      Only 32 percent said it is "generally acceptable" and three percent felt shadow flipping is "entirely acceptable".

      The poll carries a margin of error of plus or minus 1.3 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.