Vision Vancouver 2014 nomination candidates in their own words

Read what these park board and school board hopefuls have to say

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      Ahead of Vision Vancouver's nomination meeting on June 22, the Georgia Straight is publishing commentaries from candidates for the remaining spots on the party's slate.

      For details, candidates should contact web editor Stephen Hui by email or on Twitter.

      The municipal election is scheduled for November 15, 2014. Visit for regular coverage of local politics.


      Park board nomination candidates

      Nine candidates for four nominations

      Graham Anderson: It’s time to end No Fun City in Vancouver parks

      Katherine Day: Improving our “backyard” parks

      Catherine Evans: Voting is a subject better learned at 16

      Naveen Girn: I believe in a vibrant and inclusive Vancouver

      Brent Granby: Inclusive community centres and great parks are key to achieving the Greenest City

      Trish Kelly: Community centres are at the root of my activism

      Mark Mitchell: Opportunities for road safety education and engagement

      Sammie Jo Rumbaua: Creating inclusive and welcoming parks and community centres

      Coree Tull: The power of sport in building healthy, active, and engaged communities


      School board nomination candidates

      Two candidates for one nomination

      Joy Alexander: Public schools are under attack and need support

      Ian Ross McDonald: Running to run


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      Jun 10, 2014 at 4:14pm

      I would never, ever vote Vision. It is time the Parks Board listens to people and what they want in their neighbourhoods. No more poodles on a pole or "Dude Chilling" signs.


      Jun 10, 2014 at 9:41pm

      they all sound like "miss america pagent speeches"?

      Boris Biker

      Jun 11, 2014 at 11:59pm

      The current Vision majority has been bad for Vancouver so why support another. And besides, not a single one of the candidates has spoken about the need to preserve and protect our parks but simply indicated they are people with political ambitions. They seem a bunch of busy bodies bent on advancing their political ambitions rather than citizens concerned with the ongoing erosion of green space in our City.

      Another board keen to meddle, pave, build, and spend when our parks instead need protection? No thanks Vision.

      17 9Rating: +8


      Jun 12, 2014 at 4:55pm

      pretty sure katherine day said directly that she planned to build gardens in unused public spaces (such as alley ways etc) and enhance our parks. but she was the only one that said she would do anything at all.