Poll shows that most Canadians think that Justin Trudeau was ready to become prime minister

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      Prior to the election, the Conservative Party of Canada spent millions of dollars on television advertisements questioning Justin Trudeau's ability to serve as prime minister.

      The paid spots showed a panel of office workers evaluating his job application, before famously concluding that Trudeau was "just not ready".

      A new Abacus Data poll shows that most Canadians disagree with that assessment.

      The company reports that 70 percent of respondents say Trudeau has "proven that he is up to handling the responsibility". Only 30 percent believe he was "not ready".

      A majority in every region and three out of four NDP voters felt that Trudeau has demonstrated that he was job-ready after the October 19 election.

      There's more bad news for the NDP as standard-bearer Tom Mulcair gets ready for a leadership review at next month's party convention in Edmonton.

      Abacus Data reported that if an election were held tomorrow, the NDP would only capture 16 percent support. This compares to 44 percent for Trudeau's Liberals and 29 percent for the Conservatives. The Greens are at six percent and the Bloc Québécois has the support of four percent.

      "These results are unchanged from our last survey and represent a gain of four points for the Liberals since the October election, essentially at the expense of the NDP," Abacus Data reported.

      Fourteen percent of NDP voters polled have switched their allegiance to the Liberals since the election. That's the highest percentage among any party's former supporters.

      In B.C., the Liberals have the support of 46 percent of respondents. The Conservatives are at 23 percent, the NDP at 20 percent, and the Greens at 10 percent.

      Top B.C. New Democrats back Mulcair

      NDP Leader Tom Mulcair was leading in the polls after the election was called last summer.

      Despite the NDP's poor polling result, Mulcair still has the support of two high-profile B.C. MPs, Nathan Cullen and Peter Julian, as well as former Vancouver-Granville NDP candidate Mira Oreck.

      A week ago, United Steelworkers national director Ken Neumann wrote a widely circulated email expressing his support for Mulcair's leadership. He noted that the NDP campaign fought for national childcare, the defeat of the Trans Pacific Partnership, national pharmacare, the repeal of the Harper government's antiterrorist legislation, labour-law reforms, and a national $15 an hour minimum wage.

      "To see movement on these important issues, we need a tough, articulate and experienced question period fighter like Tom Mulcair to lead our movement and hold Justin Trudeau to account," Neumann wrote. "Liberals do not adopt progressive policies unless they are forced by the public to do it. It is Tom's brand of fiery questions in the house that will help move our issues forward."