Vision Vancouver chooses park board and school board candidates

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      Vision Vancouver members have nominated five new candidates for park board and school board in the upcoming civic election.

      Party members chose park board candidates Trish Kelly, Naveen Girn, Sammie Jo Rumbaua and Coree Tull, who will join incumbent Trevor Loke on the party’s election slate.

      Kelly is a member of the City of Vancouver's food policy council, Girn is a member of the city's public art committee, Rumbua is a youth settlement worker, and Tull is a community organizer. The four campaigned for the nominations as a slate called New Voices, One Vision.

      Joy Alexander, a teacher and school psychologist, was selected as a new candidate for school board. She joins incumbents Patti Bacchus, Ken Clement, Mike Lombardi, Cherie Payne, Rob Wynen, and Allan Wong.

      More than 800 Vision Vancouver members participated in an advance vote for the new candidates, and over 850 members cast ballots Sunday (June 22), according to a news release from the party.

      Candidates seeking reelection were acclaimed by party members in April, and new city council candidate Niki Sharma was acclaimed last month.

      Other candidates who sought nominations for park board with Vision Vancouver were Graham Anderson, Katherine Day, Catherine Evans, Brent Granby, and Mark Mitchell, while Ian Ross McDonald was also running for a school board spot with the party. 

      The municipal election will take place on November 15.


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      Jun 23, 2014 at 10:18am

      How did Niki Sharma a sitting Park Commissioner go to being announced on the Vision website as a Councilor and having recently served as a Park Commissioner. The words recently served implies past tense. Has Ms Sharma resigned from Park Board?


      Jun 28, 2014 at 1:34pm

      Here's a thought. Let's not vote for any of them.