Surrey First picks Linda Hepner to run for mayor

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      Surrey's ruling party has tapped a three-term councillor to replace the outgoing Dianne Watts on its mayoral ticket.

      With the endorsement of Watts, Surrey First announced that Linda Hepner will head up its slate for the November election.

      “I am committed to leading Surrey First into the coming election and building on the successes that we have achieved over the past nine years,” Hepner said in a news release today (June 25). “I am so grateful for this honour. I believe this is a time of incredible opportunity for our city, and I am committed to continuing the prosperity, stability, and sense of community that has made Surrey one of the greatest cities in Canada.”

      Hepner has served on city council since 2005 and sits on the Metro Vancouver board of directors.

      Surrey First councillors Judy Villeneuve, Bruce Hayne, Tom Gill, Mary Martin, and Barbara Steele are running for reelection.

      The party also announced that community advocate Vera LeFranc, retired RCMP officer Dave Woods, and firefighter Mike Starchuk will seek council seats under the Surrey First banner.

      Barinder Rasode, who left Surrey First to sit on council as an independent, is widely expected to contend for the mayor's office.


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      Jun 25, 2014 at 1:34pm

      "...I am committed to continuing the prosperity, stability, and sense of community that has made Surrey one of the greatest cities in Canada.”" ~ Hepner

      You mean the 'sense of community' that led you to condescendingly dismiss LGB and trans people who wanted the rainbow pride flag flown at City Hall during Pride Week, seemingly without so much as asking the City of Vancouver how they do it?

      Heh. Yeah. Some 'community' we have here.


      Jun 25, 2014 at 10:50pm

      Another redneck woman as Mayor. More crime, more poverty, and pushing homeless and the mentally ill to quiet middle class neighbourhoods from downtown(which remains seedy even after that, go figure). On top of that more mindless development of townhouses, and low rise condos without the thought of getting transit there, hence clogging single lane roads with traffic even in the outer areas of the city not to mention the endless tree cutting to make room for them, and other concrete monsters coming up everywhere. Yeah right that is development!! Coupled with the high murder rate ever since Diane Watts took over about to continue; her dumb policies brought us from Surrey six in her beginner days to the Julie Pascal tragedy that eventually led to her exit, we are in for another dark decade.