Vancouver marijuana activist Dana Larsen arrested in Calgary

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      One of B.C.'s best-known medical cannabis promoters is in police custody.

      Dana Larsen, a spokesperson for Sensible B.C., is on a cross-Canada tour to give away one million cannabis seeds.

      After a speech to a standing-room-only crowd at a Days Inn in Calgary, he left the building because police were arresting a man outside.

      According to a CBC News report, Larsen was holding seeds in his hand and was hauled away by offficers.

      The Calgary Police Service stated on its Facebook page that a man whom they wouldn't name was arrested for "drug trafficking at a rally" for "distributing marijuana seeds".

      Earlier this year, Sensible B.C. started an online petition to push the federal government to stop police from targeting medical and recreational cannabis users. And in 2014, Larsen mailed Premier Christy Clark some cannabis buds to remind her that legalization would result in more than $200 million in savings and additional revenue for the B.C. government.

      Larsen was a candidate for the B.C. NDP leadership in 2011. His campaign called for legalization and taxation of marijuana.

      He's also the long-time manager of the Vancouver Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary Service.