Councillor Kerry Jang pleased by University of New Brunswick response to prof’s anti-Chinese posting

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      A University of New Brunswick professor can no longer use his academic affiliation to promote his personal views online about race relations, according to Vancouver councillor Kerry Jang.

      The university will also review courses taught by social science professor Ricardo Duchesne, Jang told the Georgia Straight.

      Earlier this month, Jang wrote UNB president H.E.A. Campbell about his concerns regarding blog posts and emails by Duchesne.

      Duchesne writes on the site of the Council of European Canadians. The group describes itself as one that is opposed to “an establishment that is determined to destroy European Canada through fanatical immigration, race-mixing campaigns, imposition of a diversity curriculum, affirmative action in favor of non-Europeans, and promotion of white guilt”.

      In a May 26 post titled “Chinese Head Tax, White Apologies, and ‘Inclusive Redress’”, Duchesne asserted that Chinese Canadians are manipulating “white guilt”.

      According to Jang, he has spoken with UNB vice president Robert MacKinnon, who informed him that Duchesne will not be allowed to use his university affiliation to encourage people to read his posts about race matters.

      Jang also said that MacKinnon told him that the university will look at Duchesne’s courses to ensure that he presents a balanced and scholarly perspective.

      In a May 30 email, Duchesne used his university account and signed it as a UNB professor to invite readers to check out the Council of European Canadians’ site for articles “challenging Chinese efforts to exploit and profit from White Guilt and from the sufferings of prior generations of Chinese in Canada”.

      According to Jang, he’s pleased about the action taken by UNB.

      “I couldn’t care less what his personal beliefs were. I’m not offended,” Jang said about Duchesne in a phone interview on June 24.

      “My main concern was the use of the university affiliation, which gives a different status to one’s posts, right? Which is inappropriate. And he’s no longer allowed to do that. And that if he does present the stuff in a university setting, it is well researched, using, you know, accepted scholarly standards,” Jang said.

      Jang added: “That’s why I said to the university, ‘You don’t need to apologize to me.’ Because what he says in his personal beliefs, I couldn’t care less, because they’re so poorly researched and they’re made up. And so, it’s not their fault.”



      Truth Serum

      Jun 26, 2014 at 6:43pm

      Apparently Kerry Jang DOES care enough about professor Ricardo Duchesne’s article to at least try to have his means of expressing them curtailed.
      And, having re-read the article, I find it to be quite well researched and cited.

      Can Kerry Jang please tell us what part of the professor’s article is “poorly researched and made up”? Because he’s wrong if he thinks that he can just get away with playing the victim card and trying to suppress that which he doesn’t like. Anything to avoid having to face a hard truth I suppose.

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      Jun 27, 2014 at 12:57pm

      Prof and website read like white supremacist KKK literature - is it a hate site? I'm a "white", many-generation Canadian of European descent, and I don't have any problem with recognizing Canada as a multicultural nation nor addressing past wrongs until racism and injustice disappears. The First Nations people were here first (hence "First" Nations, duh). My white Euro ancestors saw them as inferior, and like every expansionist Empire in history, took advantage then became genocidal (North America was too good to pass up!). Chinese immigrants were used - as TFWs are used today - as cheap (slave) labour to advance selfish business interests (early rabid capitalism), and never welcomed as equals. Canada is only 147 years old, only a few generations, not long enough to weed out the white supremacy mindset of colonialism (just talk with your parents), nor to heal past wrongs. Racism in Canada is alive and well, a renovation still in progress, and we must remain vigilant against it...and people like Duchesne (and anyone or institution that supports him) who infect the world with their bigotry.

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      Jun 27, 2014 at 7:48pm


      You are missing the point. What has the First Nations got to do with this? Nothing.

      All you say is ... 'racism'...'bigotry'...'injustice'...'white European people'...'white supremacy'. Yawn! Stale repetitions of anti-white judgments don't cut it. Your comments smacks of liberal racism. I will grant you that conflating the past with the present is just a misplaced understanding. But accusing whites as a monolith is just pure racism. I suggest you read some world history and current political affairs books to widen your knowledge base.

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