Tom Mulcair will step down as NDP leader after his replacement is chosen

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      Tom Mulcair has no intention of quitting as leader of the NDP before his successor is elected.

      He told delegates at the party convention in Edmonton that he's going to "work tirelessly in the house", which resulted in a loud applause.

      He also said that he looks forward to greeting the next leader on-stage in a year or just after a year. 

      "The person who replaces me must have the absolute and complete support of 100 percent of the members of the NDP," Mulcair declared.

      He thanked his wife Catherine for her support and expressed a desire that New Democrats leave the convention united.

      "We'll always be the party that thinks about the little guy," Mulcair said.

      The NDP leader made the comments in a short speech after 52 percent of delegates voted for a leadership contest within the next year.

      A subsequent resolution extended the time frame for up to two years.