First online petition submitted to Parliament calls for ban on electric shock collars for pets

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      It's never fun getting zapped with a jolt of electricity whether you're human or an animal.

      Burnaby residents Gwendy and Alfie Williams were so outraged by the continued sale of electric shock collars for household pets that they've launched on online petition.

      It calls for the so-called zap collars to be banned in Canada. They're already prohibited in Wales and parts of Australia.

      After more than 5,400 Canadians added their signatures, Burnaby South NDP MP Kennedy Stewart formally tabled the petition in Parliament.

      It's the first official e-petition to be submitted to the House of Commons.

      According to a news release issued by Stewart's office, there are more than 60 official e-petitions. One of them calls for Donald Trump to be kept out of Canada until he apologizes for calling for a ban on Muslims entering the United States.

      Here's what happens when a man tests an electric shock collar on himself.