Vancouver capital plan proposes $1.08 billion in spending over four years

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      Vancouver’s draft capital plan for 2015-2018 includes proposed spending for projects including housing, childcare spaces, transportation upgrades, the creation of new parks, and a new home for LGBT resource centre Qmunity.

      The priorities are outlined in a draft capital plan document set to be presented to city council on July 9.

      New investments proposed in the proposed capital plan include an $85-million contribution toward 2,550 new non-market housing units, $5 million for childcare facility renewal projects, and $25 million toward the creation of new childcare spaces.

      Transportation spending being pitched includes the reconstruction of about 10 km of sidewalk and the repaving of 45 km of local roads, including Water Street in Gastown.

      Another $45 million is being proposed for projects including: completing the Comox-Helmcken and Seaside greenways; upgrading the 10th Avenue, Adanac and Ontario bikeways to “all ages and abilities”; making the walking and cycling facilities permanent on Burrard Bridge; and implementing temporary improvements for walking and cycling on the Granville and Cambie bridges.

      In addition to a new home for Qmunity in the West End, community projects recommended for funding include expansion of the Central Library and increased investment in the public art program.

      According to the draft plan, about 25 percent of the city’s park and open space portfolio is in poor condition, with the bulk of recreation facilities dating back to between 1945 and 1980.

      Staff are recommending that $25 million be put toward the first phase of renewal for Britannia Centre, along with $15 million for investments in sport fields, sport courts, fieldhouses, and other infrastructure, and $10 million toward the renewal of Hastings Park.

      New green spaces being proposed as part of the next capital plan include a Downtown South park at Smithe and Richards, and a Fraser River park and trail in Marpole and East Fraser Lands.

      It’ll cost about $265 million to complete various utilities projects, including replacing up to 35 km of water pipes, separating sewer pipes, and replacing sewer pump stations, while $60 million is planned for expanded infrastructure, including 4,500 new water meters.

      Other projects outlined in the proposed capital plan include the renewal of fire hall #17 at Knight Street and 54th Avenue, which is the oldest fire hall in the city’s network.

      Capital spending totals over the next four years outlined in the $1.08-billion draft plan include $125 million for housing, $125 million for parks, open spaces and recreation, $40 million for libraries, social and cultural facilities, $150 million for transportation, $325 million for utilities and public works, $80 million for facility renewals, renovations and maintenance, $115 million for equipment and technology, and $95 million for emerging priorities and inflation contingency.

      The draft plan is scheduled to go before city council at the city finance and services committee meeting at 9:30 a.m.

      The city plans to hold four open houses and launch an online questionnaire on the proposed capital plan throughout this month. The final plan will be presented to city council in September, and Vancouver residents will vote on it during the November civic election.



      Alan Layton

      Jul 4, 2014 at 7:16am

      Unless my dyslexia is deceiving me, I didn't see anything specific about the Arts. It seems to be lumped in with 'culture' but that could be anything that's not part of the infrastructure. I'm sure the amounts for the arts are probably small, but they should be mentioned directly, especially with past rhetoric from Vision about supporting the arts in Vancouver.

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      Jul 4, 2014 at 1:35pm

      Wow now it is visible to our Vision brotherhood and the moonbeam team. Dear Citizens do not worry those $$$ mule already allocated by the goons above.

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