Public health officers issue warning about hot weather in Lower Mainland

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      Lower Mainland health officers are urging residents to take precautions in light of an Environment Canada special statement about hot weather.

      The officials with Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health say in a news release that children, seniors, and people with chronic health conditions are "more vulnerable", but everyone is at risk of heat-related illnesses.

      Symptoms include dizziness, thirst, confusion, weakness, fainting, and collapsing. There's even a risk of death.

      Temperatures are expected to reach 31 degrees Celsius in Vancouver on Sunday (July 13).

      The health officers recommend staying hydrated by drinking cool beverages, preferably water, and not waiting until thirst sets in before doing this.

      If a doctor has advised a patient to limit water intake, then the person should ask their physician if it's okay to consume more in hot-weather spells.

      The health officers also urge people to remain cool by spending several hours per day in air-conditioned locations, such as libraries, community centres, or restaurants.

      "At current temperatures, fans are not effective," the news release states. "Applying cool water...moist or wet towels to your body prior to sitting in front of a fan is a quick way to cool off."

      For those who insist on exercising in hot weather, the health officials suggest drinking two to four glasses of non-alcoholic drinks per hour.

      The news release also urges people never to leave children or pets in parked cars and to check in on others who might be vulnerable to the heat.


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      Jul 13, 2014 at 9:11am

      While we must be cautious, Vancouver is at it's best when the sun is out. I bet today will be awesome. I miss you! More than you even know. xo, Rache

      Ben Sili

      Jul 13, 2014 at 10:19am

      Only a raise of the Carbon Tax could prevent more of this dangerous hot weather... Just kidding: it's summer, enjoy! People go to Mexico in winter to get just that!