Carole Taylor turns down TEAM's request to run for Vancouver mayor

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      At least they tried.

      After several meetings, phone conversations, and email exchanges that Bill McCreery, his The Electors Action Movement of the Lower Mainland Association, and others had with the person they believed would make a fantastic Vancouver mayor, it’s time to move on.

      Much to their collective grief, Carole Taylor won’t be running.

      “I’ve been in communication with her within the last week and a half, and that’s the latest word,” McCreery told the Straight in a July 15 phone interview.

      TEAM had hoped to enlist the former B.C. finance minister as a mayoral candidate. The association is a revival of sorts of The Electors’ Action Movement, which was cofounded by Taylor’s husband Art Phillips, the late Vancouver mayor.

      Last month, Taylor finished her term as SFU chancellor. Because of her position at the university, TEAM didn’t want to go public sooner about the fact that it was courting her.

      “I don’t want to get into details,” McCreery said of her refusal. “It’s just that she has a number of very valid personal reasons for not wanting to get involved. She is aware of the situation in Vancouver and she’s concerned, as many people are.”


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      Boris Moris

      Jul 16, 2014 at 12:18pm

      I have a lot of trouble keeping up with all the spoiler parties that McCreery is aligned with. First it was NSV and now it's TEAM. Does he still carry an NPA membership card?

      Strategic voting splitting, NPA style, leads to king making and all the backhanders that presumably follow.

      EG: Rob & Doug Ford are seen as bigoted fools by many but are nothing if not shrewd. Watch for Ford to drop out of the race before the election while he encourages his 20% core base to vote for Tory. That would be the smart thing to do.

      Of course throwing your weight behind a loser like NSV, then following that up with TEAM could lead one to think that the "brain trust" behind these efforts cannot even manage to replicate the success of a drug and booze addled clown like Rob Ford.

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      SPY vs SPY

      Jul 16, 2014 at 5:24pm

      Carol Taylor as Mayor of Vancouver - I'm gonna PUKE

      When Carol Taylor was Gord-Dorkio's Minister of Finance she responded to complaints from the Good Citizens of BC -

      That the rules governing the Pre-Selling of Condos (if there were any rules what so ever) allowed supposed Developers to collect down payments on Condos to be built and then run away with the money.

      To which the Good Miss (former runway model) Carole Taylor said - that is your problem not the BC Governments and DO NOT LOOK TO THE LIBERAL GOVERNMENT FOR SOLUTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      So all those hard working folks - many in their retirement years - were left out in the cold and twisting in the wind.

      There be no greater BC Political Whore - than Carole Taylor