Pushed out of Yaletown, Vancouver farmers market moves to Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza on June 2

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      One of the most popular farmers markets in Vancouver is relocating to another venue.

      The weekly market in Yaletown is moving out of the neighbourhood because of a court case.

      The lawsuit was filed by a group of local businesses against the Yaletown Business Improvement Association for hosting the weekly market.

      Although the Vancouver Farmers Markets (VFM) is not named in the suit, the nonprofit decided to look for a new location.

      “We feel that we are being forced out of the neighbourhood,” according to VFM spokesperson Jen Candela.

      Candela was on her way to the summer opening of the Yaletown farmers market Thursday (May 5) at 1200 Mainland Street when she spoke with the Straight by phone.

      A new market will open on June 2 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza.

      Candela related that it was the Yaletown BIA that brought the idea of opening a farmers market in the neighbourhood.

      According to her, the business association has been a good partner in promoting the market.

      “It’s essentially our second busiest market after Trout Lake,” Candela said.

      According to a report by Business in Vancouver, the Yaletown merchants claimed in the court petition that the farmers market is blocking access to businesses on Mainland Street.

      The VFM has eight farmers markets throughout the year, and six during summer, including that in Yaletown.

      “It’s definitely our fastest growing market,” Candela said about the Yaletown location. “We saw 45 percent sales growth last year between 2014 and 2015.”

      She said that around 4,000 shoppers show up at the weekly market that opened three years ago.