NPA vows accountability measures including city ombudsperson

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      The Non-Partisan Association has released a series of measures the party says it would put in place to make Vancouver City Hall more accountable to residents.

      Those measures include the creation of an Office of the Ombudsperson to investigate complaints about the administration of the city, and a new bylaw that would require the city to routinely disclose information.

      “This is your information, not the government’s,” NPA mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe wrote on his blog today (August 12).

      “People or companies would have to argue to block any disclosure.”

      The party is also pledging to hold at least a quarter of city council, park board, or school board meetings in the community, and to permit city employees to speak freely to the public.

      “Right now they are muzzled,” LaPointe wrote.

      He said the series of measures would also include an independent annual report showing how public consultations have influenced city decisions.


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      Aug 13, 2014 at 7:36am

      All very easy to promise....until you're underneath the magnifying glass. When that happens you suddenly realize you're an ant and the glass is being held by a fat, sadistic kid and the sun is shining.

      Appoint LaPoint

      Aug 24, 2014 at 10:30am

      If the NPA is actually running in this election to win, we need to see Mr LaPointe on billboards and in TV ads delivering much harder hitting issues that resonate with citizens. There needs to be serious work done on name recognition. He seems like a very intelligent man. Let's hear about how he will be lowering taxes, downsizing government and stopping the out of control spending. Let's hear about how transportation will be more streamlined and less of a war on automobile accessibility. Let's hear about rent controls, added taxes for overseas home buyers. Let's hear about the improvements that will be made in terms of emergency response, working with BC Ambulance and safety for the public.

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