Vancouver brothers Glen and Nicholas Chernen dismiss Ford analogy

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      Like the Ford brothers in Toronto, the Chernen siblings of Vancouver want to take City Hall.

      Mayoral candidate Glen Chernen will have his older brother Nicholas running at his side as councillor with the Vancouver Cedar Party on November 15.

      If fortune smiles on them, it will be like Toronto, where Mayor Rob Ford has older sibling Doug sitting on council.

      Chernen broke up with laughter during a phone interview about how he will field questions during the campaign about the merit of having family members running in the same election, like the Fords in 2010.

      “I really don’t know much about the Fords,” Chernen told the Straight with a chuckle. “Just because we’re two brothers in politics doesn’t mean we know anything about them. I don’t know how I can compare it, like, other than just say that, you know, we have the same mother.”

      Doug Ford has been protective of Rob, who has been embroiled in controversies, including smoking crack cocaine. Like Rob, Chernen is the youngest of four.

      “Will we always back each other?” Chernen asked. “You know what? I don’t think we always will. It depends whether my brother’s making sense, and it depends on whether I’m making sense.”

      Rob Ford is seeking another term as mayor in Toronto’s October 27 election. Doug is taking a back seat, with nephew Mike Ford hoping to replace him as councillor in the Etobicoke North ward.

      “I don’t know,” Chernen said when asked how they’re different from the Ford brothers. “We appreciate each other’s hearts and talent and both of our love for Vancouver. That’s the only reason why we’re doing thing this.”