More than 90 climate experts, including Tim Flannery and James Hansen, call for rejection of Petronas LNG plant

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      Another letter from scientists has been sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau objecting to a major industrial project in B.C.

      More than 90 climate experts, including Australia's Tim Flannery and retired NASA climate scientist James Hansen, have called upon the federal government to reject the proposed $11-billion Pacific Northwest LNG Project in Prince Rupert.

      David Suzuki also signed the letter, which states that if the plant is approved, it would be "one of the single largest point source emitters in Canada" of greenhouse gases.

      The controlling shareholder is Petronas, which is Malaysia's state-owned energy company.

      "As an Australian living with the consequences of gas exploitation, I know that LNG is the wrong pathway to take—from both an environmental and financial perspective," Flannery said in a news release issued this morning.

      The letter was sent less than a week after 250 Canadian scientists raised concerns about the $8.8-billion Site C dam in northeastern B.C. At the time, the president of the Royal Society of Canada wrote to Trudeau criticizing the regulatory approach

      The signatories to today's letter about the Pacific Northwest LNG proposal say that it "would make it virtually impossible for BC to meet its GHG emission reduction targets, and would undermine Canada's international climate change commitments".

      B.C. academics who signed the letter include Kathryn Harrison, Kirsten Zickfeld, William Rees, Patrick von Aderkas, John B. Walsh, James Tully, Lynne Quarmby, Trevor Hancock, George Hoberg, Neena L Chappell, Gwenn E. Flowers, Steve Running, Garry Clarke, Sally Aitken, Arne Mooers, Brian Menounos, Arthur L. Fredeen, Keith N. Egger, Stephen Dery, Kerry Delaney, Colin Goldblatt, Robert Kowalewski, Michel Lefebvre, Christian Schoof, Diana Varela, Verena Tunnicliffe, Stephen Pond, Adam Monaham, Christopher R. Barnes, N. Ross Chapman, Tim Takaro, Alejandro Frid, and Lionel Pandolfo.