New UBC president Santa Ono gets to know students with a Twitter contest looking for bow ties

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      Eight dapper UBC students have secured invitations to an exclusive dinner at the residence of the university’s new president.

      Earlier this morning, Santa Ono sent a challenge out over Twitter.

      “First 6 UBC students to tweet me photos of themselves in bowties will be invited to dinner at President's house RT,” he wrote.

      Exactly 10 minutes later, Jake was the first to reply with a photograph of himself wearing a bow tie. Four minutes after that, Morell was the second.

      Ono originally said he was hosting a dinner for six but then extended eight invitations.

      The students who appear in the photographs above (clockwise from left) Aaron, Morell, Colin, Zaahidali, Christian, Mustafa, Guillaume, and Christian.

      Ono, who looks pretty good in a bow tie himself, has said he will hold a similar contest directed more towards women later today.

      Since his first message on Twitter about the contest, student groups and faculty have replied with messages vying for dinners of their own.

      Ono was named UBC’s new president on Monday (June 13). Born and raised in Vancouver, he previously held the position of president at the University of Cincinnati.

      UBC's former president, Arvind Gupta, resigned in August 2015 after less than one year on the job.

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