Mayoral contender Doug McCallum forms Safe Surrey Coalition with four council candidates

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      Former Surrey mayor Doug McCallum is no longer an independent candidate for the office currently held by Dianne Watts.

      Today (September 9), McCallum announced the formation of the Safe Surrey Coalition, which will field himself for mayor and four candidates for city council.

      The council candidates are small business owner Rina Gill, community advocate Laurie Guerra, journalist Beau Simpson, and lawyer Justin Thind.

      “People are fearful in neighbourhoods across Surrey, and are looking for leadership, detailed proposals, and most importantly, a plan for action on the issue of public safety,” McCallum said in a news release. “The Safe Surrey Coalition represents a group of candidates with diverse community involvement, political affiliations and professional backgrounds that are united by one overpowering concern: Public Safety.”

      The coalition released today its public safety platform, which promises a doubling of the number of police officers on patrol and to speed up the hiring of 95 new RCMP officers.

      It also pledges to double the number of bylaw officers.

      "Assurance of public safety is a fundamental right of every citizen within a community," reads one of the coalition's guiding principles.

      Watts's Surrey First party is fielding councillor Linda Hepner for mayor. Independent councillor Barinder Rasode is widely expected to join the race.

      Election day is November 15.




      Sep 9, 2014 at 1:19pm

      Looks like Rina Gill will hop from slate to slate to get on council. What happened to Surrey Civic Coalition and Surrey Matters? Flip flop.

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      Sep 9, 2014 at 8:20pm

      Neither exist anymore. She was their highest vote getter in 2008 -came in 9th if I remember right.

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