NPA proposes City of Vancouver lobbyist registry

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      Non-Partisan Association mayoral candidate Kirk LaPointe is proposing the creation of an online database to record all lobbying activities at city hall.

      Under the NPA’s policy, lobbyists would be required to register their activities and the nature of their business in the public database before contacting a civic employee or elected official.

      They would also be required to register any further contact with the officials, and would face fines or penalties if they don’t comply with the rules.

      “City Hall creates policy for Vancouver residents based on discussions with people from a variety of organizations,” LaPointe said in a news release.

      “The public has the right to know who they are and what they’re talking about.”

      According to the NPA, lobbyists seeking to influence municipal policy or receive large grants would be required to register.

      Average citizens without a business interest, people seeking publicly available information, and residents seeking small grants for activities like community block parties would not be required to register in the database.

      Earlier this week, LaPointe said the NPA plans to gradually release policies from its platform in the lead-up to the November 15 election.

      The party outlined a proposal on Tuesday (September 25) to establish an Office of the Ombudsperson in Vancouver.