Vancouver election 2014: Mayoral and council candidates’ commentaries

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      The Georgia Straight is inviting candidates for Vancouver mayor and council to each write an opinion piece for publication on our website.

      These commentaries will be added to this page, sorted alphabetically by party and candidate's name, as they are posted. Please check back for updates.

      If you are a candidate, please contact web editor Stephen Hui by email or on Twitter for details.


      Mayoral candidates



      Bob Kasting
      Upcoming land sale is missed opportunity for affordable housing
      Colin Shandler
      Get to know me


      Council candidates


      Cedar Party

      Glen Chernen
      Legitimacy is my basic expectation for Vancouver
      Nicholas Chernen
      A reluctant politician
      Charlene Gunn
      Vancouverites’ lost voices have been found
      Jeremy Gustafson
      Reclaiming democracy doesn’t cost a dime


      Coalition of Progressive Electors

      Sid Chow Tan
      Vote for an affordable Vancouver for all
      Tim Louis
      Homelessness and affordable housing—false promises from Vision Vancouver
      Jennifer O’Keeffe
      Why me? Why council? Why COPE?
      Audrey Siegl
      Eviction notices for Oppenheimer won’t solve anything


      Green Party of Vancouver

      Cleta Brown
      Better city, brighter future
      Adriane Carr
      Speaking truth to power in city hall
      Pete Fry
      A better city together



      Lena Ling
      An open letter to first-time voters


      Non-Partisan Association

      George Affleck
      The NPA represents a step forward for our city
      Gregory Baker
      Changing the conversation about development
      Melissa De Genova
      Affordable housing is a conversation that requires real solutions
      Rob McDowell
      When change is needed, action is required
      Ian Robertson
      Giving back and getting things done
      Suzanne Scott
      Internationally aware, locally involved



      RJ Aquino
      Many voices, one city


      Vancouver 1st

      Milan Kljajic
      Vancouver 1st is the only logical alternative in the election
      Elena Murgoci
      Return to integrity


      Vision Vancouver

      Andrea Reimer
      Let’s keep making Vancouver an environmental leader
      Niki Sharma
      We need to continue to build an inclusive city for all



      Save Vancouver

      Oct 4, 2014 at 10:46am

      They've had something like 50 debates in Toronto's mayoral race already, an din Vancouver we've had none. So much for democracy.

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      judi sommer

      Oct 6, 2014 at 12:37pm

      Have candidates for Parks Board also been invited to participate? I may have missed an earlier article...

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      Kelly Read

      Oct 11, 2014 at 8:37pm

      And what about School Board candidates? I think that many people would be interested to hear what our potential school board trustees have to say, esp after the recent public education situation! Looking forward to seeing some coverage...

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      Bobby McSloan

      Oct 13, 2014 at 1:07pm

      Save Vancouver is right. No one's even done crack on this campaign yet. Slackers.

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      concerned parent

      Nov 11, 2014 at 9:40am

      Kelly, school board trustee's are told to tow the political line. Smile and look the other way when directed by their handlers. A school board trustee in theory is supposed to be an advocate for parent/school issues, but in reality they are encouraged to do low level stuff like smile and spread calculated rumors on twitter. Patti is a master at twitter & looking the other way. But wow, can she party.

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