Brent Granby: The park board is integral to becoming the greenest city in the world

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      From creating more inclusive community centres to developing great parks, public space is integral to making Vancouver the greenest city in the world by the year 2020.

      I am running for the Vancouver park board with Vision Vancouver to participate in creating great public spaces for people, habitat, urban wildlife, and our pets. I want to serve as a Vancouver park board commissioner to ensure that the priorities of local government adequately address issues of sustainability and livability for residents and business in order to make our city better for everyone.

      The park board oversees community centres, parks, and green spaces that are central to developing a happier and healthier city. Whether they are working towards making our community centres more inclusive and welcoming, or providing opportunities in our parks to experience nature, these spaces are important in making social connections.

      These are places where we make friends, chat about with neighbours, and discuss issues.

      These relationships and dialogues are critical to building a more inclusive, welcoming, and sustainable Vancouver.

      I understand these issues both from personal experience and from my extensive history of activism in Vancouver. I am a past president of the West End Residents Association, past board member of the West End Community Centre, and vice chair of the Save St. Paul’s Coalition. As a volunteer activist, I have participated in the construction of community gardens, art projects, and celebrations, while advocating for active transportation infrastructure.

      From my time serving as a director of the West End Community Centre, I know first-hand the investment that community centre volunteers make in their communities and the passion they have for their work. I have been proud to raise my children in Vancouver and I recognize the importance of community centres and services that they offer. I also fully appreciate the significance of shared responsibility and respect between the park board and community centre associations.

      If elected as a park board commissioner, I will work with all community centre associations to create stronger, more collaborative relationships. The park board needs to continue to build on the success of the OneCard. With thousands of Vancouverites accessing recreation opportunities, the OneCard has further increased access and participation in fitness centres, skate rinks and pools.

      By expanding public spaces, increasing access to recreation opportunities, and more, Mayor Gregor Robertson and the Vision team have provided strong and experienced leadership to keep Vancouver moving forward. As a longtime community advocate and volunteer, I have a great deal of enthusiasm and experience to bring to our park board. This November, I want to join the team to continue Vancouver’s environmental progress by maintaining, renewing and expanding our park and recreational system in our city.



      WOW Just WOW

      Oct 27, 2014 at 1:26pm

      Is this the same Brent Granby that was removed as President of West End Community Centre. The same Brent Granby that sucked up to Vision last time when he ran for COPE?

      WOW just what we need a paltitude eschewing suck up that hasn't got a backbone but wants to get elected. An invertebrate of a psuedo wanna be politician, just what we don't need.

      Mm No thanks to Brent and new Visionista buddies.
      They have caused enough damage to the Park Board already.


      Oct 27, 2014 at 3:52pm

      As a Park board candidate myself I question how Brent Granby can even suggest that the Vision greenest city action plan has produced results. This claim is in fact laughable. Vision the party Mr Granby is running with took away green space in Kits for parking. And who can forget how Vision wanted to asphalt Kits Beach's family picnic and children's playground area for a bike freeway. And under Vision there hasn't been one mid size or larger park created during its six years of governing. How is that greening the City? How Brent can suggest that the OneCard has created greater equity for citizens is just nonsense. Under OneCard access for low-income people has been capped. Plus the average cost of a 12 month pass at a community centre is way more expensive for the citizens under OneCard. Community Centre Associations delivers park programs for $267 a year. Under the Park board implemented Onecard the costs soar to $367 a year. That is a 30% increase just to use the same facility. And on the engagement and consultation front Vision has often been critisized for its lack of respect for citizens. This was on full display the other night at the Killarney Community centre all candidate meeting when citizens of that community presented how they believed the Park board has lost much of its independence. Mr Granby's response to them was that they were a bunch of conspiracy theorists. Talk about being disrespectful to citizens who made an effort to attend hoping to engage with the candidates and this is how they are treated in return. Brent needs to hang his head in shame for treating elderly seniors in such a demeaning and derogatory way.


      Oct 28, 2014 at 6:53am

      Let's briefly review Vision's green achievements in the West End.

      Allowed the green space around St. John's United Church to be destroyed for high rise CHECK. Allowed mature street trees to be cut down for developer's signs for new high rise at Davie and Bidwell CHECK. Almost allowed a developer to cut down the famous Tulip Tree CHECK. Allowed Cactus Club to build a two story restaurant at English Bay blocking the Denman view corridor CHECK. Invited developers to replace the Aquatic Center and associated green space with a high rise CHECK.

      Want more of the same? Vote Vision or NPA. What a change? Vote Green, COPE or Cedar.


      Oct 28, 2014 at 10:57pm

      Tough to get through the cliche ridden piece. Brent is a well meaning but misguided fellow with few original thoughts and ideas. Expect him to simply continue to spew this kind of nonsense while doing Vision's partisan bidding. From sacking Community Center volunteers and independence to paving parks, Brent can be counted on to do Vision's dirty work.