NPA close behind Vision with $2.1 million in campaign donations

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      The NPA has raised $2.1 million this year, according to a campaign donor list it released today (November 7).

      A day after Vision Vancouver made its list of $2.2 million in donations public, the NPA disclosed a record of funding that includes $1.89 million in donations to the party, $188,861 in ticket purchases for a gala, $23,000 in candidate contributions, and $1,268 from other fundraising events.

      The largest donations include $360,000 from the Great Canadian Railtour Company, which is owned by NPA president Peter Armstrong, $100,000 from Haywood Securities, $75,000 from Savary Management, and $60,000 from Macdonald Development Corporation, owned by former NPA vice-president Rob Macdonald. (That company was behind the largest contribution to the party's last civic election campaign in 2011, when it gave $960,000.)

      Armstrong told reporters he donated a total of about $470,000 to the campaign through personal and business contributions this year.

      "I see it as an investment in a city that's given me back so much," he said. "I am so proud of the 20 candidates that we're running...they care about the city, and I want to make sure I support them, make sure they get elected."

      Armstrong said he does not plan to run for reelection as president of the NPA at the party's next annual general meeting, which is expected to be in the spring of 2015.

      The campaign financing list also shows $25,000 contributions from Amacon Management Services Corp, the B.C. Maritime Employers Association, Teck Resources Limited, Townline Homes, and Israel Shafran. Orr Development Corp gave $20,000, as did Persis Holdings Ltd, while former Whistler mayor Mark Angus gave $17,500.

      More than 40 contributions of $10,000 were made to the party, including donations from Gateway Casinos, Great Pacific Capital Corp, RPMG Holdings, the Vancouver Taxi Association, Wesgroup Properties LP, and Westwood Ridge Development Corp.

      Former Vancouver mayors Philip Owen and Sam Sullivan are also on the list—Owen contributed $5,000, while Sullivan, who is now a B.C. Liberal MLA, gave $500.

      The document includes donations made between January 1 and November 4 of this year.



      James Blatchford

      Nov 7, 2014 at 1:04pm

      I knew it!! Great Canadian Railtour Company will operate a new track to UBC....stop right in front of LaPointe's non-taxpaying front door. This is why corporate donations should be banned...shameful.