Former Canadian prime minister Kim Campbell calls Donald Trump a predator

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      Vancouver residents know that Kim Campbell isn't afraid to rock the boat every once in a while.

      At the Social Credit leadership convention in 1986, the former Vancouver school trustee issued a not-so-veiled warning about one of her opponents, Bill Vander Zalm.

      "It is fashionable to speak of political leaders in terms of their charisma," Campbell said. "But charisma without substance is a dangerous thing. It creates expectations that cannot be satisfied. Then come bitterness and disillusionment that destroy not only the leader but the party."

      Later as the MLA for Vancouver–Point Grey, Campbell publicly criticized then premier Vander Zalm for wanting to withhold public funding for abortion.

      Campbell went on to become Canada's justice minister and, for a few months, served as a Progressive Conservative prime minister before going down to defeat against the Jean Chrétien–led Liberals.

      Now, Campbell has re-emerged in the public eye by blasting a U.S. politician who's better known for his charisma than for his substance: Donald Trump.

      In an interview with CBC News, Campbell condemned the Republican presidential candidate as a self-described sexual predator.

      "Unconsented sexual touching is a sexual assault. And somebody who does that, who thinks he has a right to do that, who does it thinking that it's a reflection of his value because he's a celebrity, et cetera, I mean that is predation," Campbell said.

      The comments came in response to the notorious Access Hollywood tape in which Trump said he kisses women without their consent and just grabs their genitals.

      It's worth noting that as Canada's justice minister, Campbell introduced "rape shield" legislation, which protected victims of sexual assault from being cross-examined about their sexual histories.

      Campbell's Twitter feed is full of retweets of others' links and media reports slamming Trump.

      Meanwhile, the wife of another former Progressive Conservative prime minister is also using her Twitter feed to spread the word about how dangerous she feels Trump is. 

      Maureen McTeer, who's married to Joe Clark, has been unabashed in her support for Hillary Clinton's candidacy.