Video: Dana Larsen says the feds need to acknowledge the harms of marijuana prohibition

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      Dana Larsen has made it known that he's not happy with the way things are going on the federal front when it comes to marijuana legalization.

      The activist, businessman, politician, and author was a vendor and a speaker at the International Cannabis Business Conference at the Hyatt Regency on Thursday, where he moderated a panel on advocacy.

      The founding director of the Vancouver Dispensary Society and author of books such as Green Buds and Hash, Harry Pothead and the Marijuana Stone, and The Pie-eyed Piper spoke to the Straight about the growth of the industry, and the problem with the federal government's approach to legalization.

      "There still needs to be a really serious focus on stopping arrests, getting people out of prison, and ending prohibition, and what bothers me about the Liberals' move towards legalization, is that those issues aren't being talked about," said Larsen. "There's no acknowledgement of the harms of prohibition, of the damage that has been done by these laws over the last century." 

      For more, watch the full interview in the video below.

      The Straight talks to Vancouver activist Dana Larsen about his concerns with how the Liberal government is addressing marijuana legalization.
      Amanda Siebert