Heiltsuk chief says her people are shocked by spread of diesel spill near Bella Bella

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      The clean-up of a diesel spill on B.C.'s central coast has done dreadfully wrong, according to Heiltsuk chief Marilyn Slett.

      “From the air, it looks like the spill is completely free in the water,” Slett said in a news release after flying over the area. “Containment has been Heiltsuk priority from day one. Why weren’t seaworthy booms put in place immediately after the spill?”

      A boom containing the diesel broke open, allowing the fuel to escape into a larger area. The diesel initially escaped when a tug sunk in Seaforth Channel more than a week ago.

      According to Slett, the oil spill response corporation, WCMRC, is going to bring in "more seaworthy booms".