U.S. election-integrity advocates question legitimacy of Donald Trump's victory

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      An Internet chat group called electionintegrity@googlegroups.com has seen a lot of activity before and after the November 8 presidential election in the United States.

      The founder, University of Pennyslvania professor Steven F. Freeman, is a coauthor of Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen?. This 2006 book examined various hypotheses why George W. Bush won even though his challenger, John Kerry, enjoyed a wide margin in polls of people immediately after they voted. For many readers, the inescapable conclusion was fraud.

      Over the election-integrity chat group, Freeman recently reposted an intriguing message that had been sent to another skeptic about the honesty of U.S. presidential elections, Mark Crispin Miller. He's a New York University media-studies professor and author of Fooled Again: The Real Case for Election Reform, which argued that the 2000 and 2004 presidential races were stolen.

      The message to Crispin Miller came from University of Southern California graduate student Jason Walston, who's studying business analytics.

      "I was looking at election data and I found something odd," Walston wrote. "Specifically the election results in New Hanover County in NC. Usually presidential and gubernatorial results correlate pretty highly, but in New Hanover there is a large discrepancy. About 4500 voters had to vote for Trump and a democratic governor. Then I found this...I thought it was odd and deserved a second pair of eyes. I'm curious what your thoughts are."

      The link goes to a news story about an early voter complaining about her ballot for Clinton showing up as a tally for Trump in North Carolina's New Hanover County.

      Crispin Miller has been critical of U.S. filmmaker Michael Moore for not acknowledging the possibility that the 2016 U.S. presidential election might have been stolen.

      In a November 11 article on his blog, Crispin Miller suggested that Moore misinterpreted the significance of 90,000 Michigan residents filling out complete ballots in the recent election without voting for a presidential candidate.

      "How likely was it, really, that 90,000 Michiganders would have gone to all that trouble, going out to vote, but NOT for president, just to make the point (i.e., Mike’s point) that they weren’t happy with their choices?" Crispon Miller wrote. "And just how likely was it in a state where, as Mike noted, TRUMP had so much strong support among the state’s white voters? Did 90,000 NON-white workers, and ex-workers, in that state all cast those undervotes to mount that protest—or were their ballots changed without their knowing it?"

      It's not the first time something like this has occurred. Crispin Miller noted that there were 27,000 of these "undervotes" in Florida in 2000, when Bush was declared the winner by fewer than 600 votes.

      "Back then, 'experts' explained that weird anomalty away by 'speculating' that 'more Democratic voters would be inexperienced or advanced in age' (a claim based on no evidence—and a laughable self-contradiction)," Crispin Miller wrote. "And in the face of THIS anomaly—an 'undervote' three times the size of that one 16 years ago—Mike came up with yet another blinding 'explanation'."

      The NYU professor wasn't done yet, writing this blistering paragraph:

      "With millions disenfranchised, coast to coast, through purges of the electronic voter rolls, and voter caging, and voter ID requirements, and partisan interference by election officials, and the deliberate placement of too few machines in certain precincts, and volleys of disinformation on the times and places to go vote—and as the exit polls suggest widespread manipulation of the vote-counts throughout the swing states—why are we NOT hearing anything at all about it from Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Angela Davis, Gloria Steinem, Robert Reich, John Nichols or Paul Krugman, or Bruce Springsteen, Katy Perry, George Clooney, Beyonce, JZ, Sarah Silverman, Bill Maher, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, RuPaul, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Madonna, and the cast of 'West Wing,' or Media Matters, the Center for American Progress, Mother Jones, Slate, Salon, DailyKos, RawStory, The Progressive, AlterNet, or any of the other leftist stars and outlets and non-profits that cast Hillary as our ONLY choice (while also staying mum about the vast election theft whereby she seized the nomination)."

      In the meantime, Democratic Party politicians and their supporters are saying this is the time to move forward, organize, and hold Trump accountable when he becomes president.

      Crispin Miller, however, argued in his recent post that they should "finally face the fact that the United States is not a real democracy". Morever, he urged them to join the election-integrity movement "to fight to make it one at last".

      Investigative journalist Greg Palast has exposed how pre-election moves by Republican state legislators disenfranchised massive numbers of voters. He recently wrote a post noting how this was more than enough to assure Trump victories in Michigan, North Carolina, and Arizona.