Vancouver council approves public hearing for 30-storey tower near Joyce-Collingwood Station

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      Greater densification could be coming near Joyce-Collingwood Station. That’s because on November 15, Vancouver council approved a staff recommendation to refer a proposed 30-storey mixed-use residential building to a public hearing.

      The applicant is Henriquez Partners Architects on behalf of 5000 Joyce Property Inc., which a staff report identifies as being part of Westbank Projects Corp. “The application is the first to be proposed under the recently adopted Joyce-Collingwood Station Precinct Plan,” the report states. “The site is at a key intersection at Joyce-Collingwood, both at the heart of the neighbourhood and adjacent to a SkyTrain station.”

      The application covers four properties on the east side of Joyce Street, just north of Vaness Avenue. The site now includes one- and two-storey buildings, all with commercial ground-floor units, as well as two top-floor rental dwellings. Westbank hopes to develop 256 strata-titled units, with 65 percent being defined as “family-oriented”.

      The precinct plan was approved to “guide more intensive development” around the SkyTrain station, create more vibrant shopping opportunities, and add housing. If approved, the Westbank project will have 30 storeys and a density of 15.37 FSR, and stand 89.33 metres tall. There will be 134 parking spaces in an underground lot.

      The report points out that towers in this area must “have a distinct building base of a height compatible with the four-storey adjacent zoning”. But the design by Henriquez Partners Architects goes beyond that.

      “The proposed tower has a marginally larger floorplate than was anticipated by the plan, and exceeds the recommended maximum building width,” the report states. “However, this larger plate size is proposed to accommodate additional three-bedroom family units in excess of the policy requirement.”

      According to the report, there are two other “mixed-use tower sites” near the corner of Joyce Street and Vaness Avenue.