Anti-Muslim, anti-gay flyers with Trump references found near Montreal's McGill University

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      In the wake of Donald Trump's election as U.S. president, discriminatory flyers were distributed in Richmond and Toronto, some of which contained references to Trump. Montreal is the latest Canadian city to find flyers with prejudicial sentiments (and references to Trump) posted on its streets.

      CBC News reported that the posters were found in Montreal's Milton Park neighbourhood near McGill University.

      The posters, which ask "Tired of anti-white propaganda?", feature anti-Muslim, anti-communist, and anti-gay symbols.

      The statement "It's time to make Canada great again!" is a reference to Trump's "Make America great again" campaign while "Brought to you by your local deplorables" refers to Hillary Clinton's comment about Trump's supporters.

      The posters also include the URLs of white supremacist sites.

      In Toronto, flyers were found on November 14 that directed people to white supremacy and Donald Trump websites and included anti-multicultural and anti-immigration statements.

      In Metro Vancouver, two waves of anti-immigration flyers, targeting Chinese Canadian populations, were circulated in November in Richmond.

      The first wave appeared on November 18 and a second set, credited to the anti-immigration website Immigration Watch Canada, were found on November 30.

      Richmond RCMP are investigating the posters with the B.C. Hate Crimes Team.

      On November 15, CBC News reported that a man was caught on video hurling racist insults at another man on a Toronto streetcar. A bystander told the CBC that when she called the verbally abusive man a racist, the man responded by saying "Go, Trump!". 

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