Right wingers rank as most popular premiers in Angus Reid Institute poll

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      Three provincial leaders who were the most obstinate in recent climate-change talks are also the most popular with their voters.

      Saskatchewan's Brad Wall has an approval rating of 58 percent, according to a new poll by the Angus Reid Institute.

      Wall refused to commit to a recent first ministers' joint communiqué to address greenhouse gas emissions

      Manitoba's Brian Pallister, a former Conservative MP, came second at 50 percent. He will only go along with the climate-change agreement if Ottawa addresses his province's concerns about health-care funding.

      B.C.'s Christy Clark also held up the accord on climate change last week because she didn't want B.C. to do more than other provinces. She has a 35 percent approval rating in the poll, ranking third among nine premiers.

      Clark finally agreed to the consensus when first ministers promised that they "will work together to establish a review...that compares carbon pricing systems across Canada, which will be completed by early 2022".

      Since then, B.C.'s premier has been criticized by environmentalist David Suzuki for not making climate change a priority. Suzuki also accused Clark of riding on the coattails of a carbon tax introduced by her predecessor, Gordon Campbell.

      According to the polling company, Clark's rating has remained "statistically unchanged" since September, when she had the approval of 34 percent of British Columbians.

      "With fewer than six months to a provincial election in May 2017, the political stakes begin to be raised on such high-profile issues as Kinder Morgan's TransMountain pipeline twinning and an opioid crisis that is raising alarms and taking lives on the West Coast," the Angus Reid Institute stated in its analysis.

      The least popular premier in the poll was Ontario's Kathleen Wynne, who has a 16 percent approval rating. This comes in the wake of controversy over her Liberal government's sale of Hydro One.

      Wynne's approval rating has never been lower in previous Angus Reid Institute polls.

      Next lowest is another Liberal premier, Dwight Ball of Newfoundland and Labrador, at 20 pecent. The rest all scored ratings between 31 percent and 29 percent.

      The poll did not assess the approval rating of Prince Edward premier Wade MacLauchlan or any of the territorial leaders.