NPA stunned by Vancouver park commissioner Erin Shum's surprise move in election of new board chair

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      By the way Vancouver park commissioner Sarah Kirby-Yung described it, she and her Non-Partisan Association colleagues didn’t see it coming.

      Kirby-Yung was commenting on the move taken Monday (December 12) by NPA commissioner Erin Shum to support a non-NPA commissioner for the post of board chair.

      “We are incredibly flabbergasted, and surprised, and disappointed with Commissioner Shum’s decision,” Kirby-Yung told the Straight by phone Tuesday (December 13).

      Shum’s surprise step resulted in the election of Green commissioner Michael Wiebe as new chair. Shum was elected vice chair.

      Wiebe defeated NPA commissioner Casey Crawford, who was nominated by Kirby-Yung, now the immediate past chair of the board.

      Kirby-Yung was asked if she talked to Shum following the board election.

      “No, I think, I mean I can’t comment on the action commissioner Shum has taken or as to why,” the NPA commissioner replied.

      Kirby-Yung was also asked about what the NPA plans to do with Shum, a first-term commissioner.

      “Commissioner Shum has not shared her plans with us, and so you need to ask her what her plans are,” Kirby-Yung replied.

      Pressed on what the NPA intends to do about Shum’s membership in the NPA caucus, Kirby-Yung reiterated that the party was “surprised”.

      “This is the decision that she took, and I think she needs to speak to what her plans are and what her intentions are,” Kirby-Yung said.

      Shum didn’t immediately return calls for comment.