Video: Marc Emery arrested in Montreal one day after opening Cannabis Culture dispensaries

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      It's been just over 24 hours since the so-called Prince of Pot opened a handful of Cannabis Culture marijuana dispensaries in Montreal, but city police have already arrested Marc Emery, and raided six of the new stores.

      In a video posted to Twitter by Emery's wife and fellow marijuana activist, Jodie, Montreal police are seen handcuffing Marc and escorting him into a squad car.

      "This arrest is wrong, and the prohibition is wrong, and the Prime Minister is a disgrace, and so is the mayor," says Emery in another video, referring to Justin Trudeau and Denis Coderre.

      The raids began around 5:30 p.m. local time. 

      At the store openings yesterday (December 15), Emery handed out free marijuana to hundreds of eager customers who were waiting in line, and reportedly sold so much product that some of the shops ran out of stock.

      "Nearly half of all Canadians admit to using marijuana,” Jodie said at a press conference following the opening.

      One of eight Cannabis Culture marijuana dispensaries opened by Marc and Jodie Emery in Montreal yesterday (December 15). Today, Marc was arrested by Montreal Police.
      Cannabis Culture

      “Canadians voted for the Liberal party because they wanted legalization... This is what legalization looks like. This is what marijuana should be, and I beg the Montreal police: let us be in peace. Please do not cause harm to the harmless people who are choosing to work here and push forward this very important issue."

      On the same day, Coderre tweeted twice that there would be 'zero tolerance' for illegal shops. 

      Translation: "Illegal marijuana shops: All the city's administrative tools will be used to stop that illegal use."

      Translation: "Illegal marijuana shops in Montreal: Zero tolerance for those that do not respect the current law."

      After today's arrest, Coderre had one last thing to say:

      Translation: "More relevant to put your energy towards the legislative process of legalizing marijuana than a useless stunt... respect the law."

      Montreal police have confirmed that they have arrested 10 people in connection with the dispensaries, and seized nearly 20 kilograms of pot.