Donald Trump-inspired graffiti appears on West Side school in Vancouver

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      The acting chair of the Vancouver District Parents Advisory Council has condemned nasty graffiti written on Lord Byng secondary school.

      One of the two messages was inspired by comments that Donald Trump made to Billy Bush on the infamous Access Hollywood tape, which was released during the presidential campaign.

      "This evening a fellow parent sent me pictures of some troubling graffiti at one of our secondary schools," wrote Nathan Wilkes on the DPAC website. "The two defacements, the first one demeaning women (starting with the unfortunate phrase 'Grab her by...'), and second one displaying hatred for trans or other gender expressions, were appalling to view. The simple explanation, that of some person or persons simply seeking attention, may be superficially true. But the symbolism, that of intolerance, meanness, and division at one of our local Vancouver schools, cannot be ignored."

      Vancouver writer Kim Werker tweeted images of the graffiti late yesterday.

      Vancouver DPAC chair Morgane Oger is a trans woman who took a leave of absence to run as the NDP candidate in Vancouver-False Creek.

      Lord Byng is in the 3900 block of West 16th Avenue, not far from UBC's Point Grey campus.

      "As citizens, we must stand strong for equality of all people, and must combat the negativity too often expressed by those afraid," Wilkes declared. "And as humans, we must strive to treat each other with compassion and dignity."

      Today, the images were removed. The worker's efforts elicited a hearty thank you and "Merry Christmas" from public education advocate and former Vancouver school board chair Patti Bacchus.