Trump Tower developer plans 10 storeys of rental housing for lot at Hastings and Abbott

An interactive analysis reveals potential impacts of approximately 2,150 new residents coming to the Downtown Eastside

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      The developer that brought Trump Tower to Vancouver has proposed a more modest project for the western edge of the Downtown Eastside.

      On January 26, the city will host a community open house for a 10-storey mixed-use building planned for 95 West Hastings, at the intersection of Abbott Street

      The developer, Holborn Group, has commissioned plans to fill the parking lot that stands there now with 132 units of secured-market rental housing plus commercial businesses on the ground floor.

      The development is one of 18 the Straight has examined as part of an ongoing analysis of real estate in the Downtown Eastside.

      Focusing on 20 square blocks centred around a stretch of East Hasting, the Straight is looking at new developments (as opposed to renovated buildings) that began hosting tenants within the past year or that are scheduled to begin moving tenants in within the next three years.

      In that relatively short time, these 18 buildings will bring approximately 2,150 housing units to the area, this analysis has revealed.

      Of the roughly 2,150 units coming online in Gastown, Chinatown, and the Downtown Eastside, 1,279 are market rate. Another 708 are supportive-housing units or units that receive some sort of subsidy to rent at below-market rates.

      For an in-depth exploration of these developments plus a range of opinions from the community, see the Straight’s November 2016 article, “Interactive analysis reveals potential impacts of more than 2,000 new residents coming to the Downtown Eastside”.