Tilikum the killer orca dies at SeaWorld

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      SeaWorld has announced that one of the world's most famous orcas, Tilikum, has died at its Orlando facility.

      The animal was featured in Blackfish, a 2013 documentary that turned the tide against keeping cetaceans in captivity.

      Tilikum was linked to three human deaths over a 19-year period.

      SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau was dragged into the pool where she died in 2010.

      In 1999, a man was found dead on top of Tilikum's back after he had jumped in the water to swim with the orcas.

      In 1991, another trainer, Keltie Byrne, was found dead in Tilikum's pool at Sealand of the Pacific, which was in the Victoria suburb of Oak Bay.

      Tilikum was captured near Iceland in 1983 and sired 21 calves born in captivity. He weighed about 5,700 kilograms.