WestJet tells passengers they can't enter the U.S. with visas if they're from several Muslim countries

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      President Donald Trump's recent ban on visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries is having an impact on Canadian air carriers.

      WestJet has announced that effective Friday (January 27), "guests travelling with a passport issued from Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen or Libya are prohibited from entering or transiting the United States for at least 90 days."

      That's because immigrant and nonimmigrant visas for people with passports from these countries have been revoked.

      Syrian refugees are permanently banned from the U.S., according to Trump's January 27 executive order, and all other refugees are prohibited entry for four months.

      The U.S. move has been condemned by Coquitlam resident and Syrian immigrant Tima Kurdi, whose nephew was found drowned on a Turkish beach in 2015.

      The death of Alan Kurdi caused an international outpouring of support for Syrian refugees and played a role in the defeat of the Conservative government in the last federal election.

      WestJet has offered a refund for the full amount for those who cancel reservations.

      Those who wish to change their destinations will only have to pay the difference in any fares.