International survey puts Vancouver's transit cost below price of a monthly pass

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      The good news is that a new international survey shows that Vancouver monthly transit prices are far lower than those in Toronto.

      The bad news is that Berlin-based Movinga has pegged the monthly cost in Vancouver at just US$66.26.

      When converted from U.S to Canadian currency, that equals $88.68.

      However, a monthly one-zone adult transit pass in Metro Vancouver costs $91.

      That's the cheapest way to travel, and it only works for those who live relatively close to work or school.

      A two-zone pass sets an adult transit rider back $124.

      And a three-zone adult pass costs a whopping $170.

      A single-zone adult fare is $2.75, rising to $4 for two zones and $5.50 for three zones.

      Vancouver ranked as the 59th least expensive on Movinga's list of 89 cities surveyed for monthly transit costs.

      Toronto clocked in at 85th, ahead of only New York, Sydney, Dublin, and London, which ranked as the most expensive.

      In Canadian currency, Toronto's monthly transit costs are $134.82, according to the survey.

      Cairo was the cheapest for monthly transit costs, followed by Hanoi and Jakarta.

      Meanwhile, TransLink is conducting a major review of its fares.

      This has fuelled speculation that it might introduce a distance-based system that would generate more revenue for the regional transportation authority.