Vancouver police handcuff men in hoodies after smoke bomb set off at antiracist gathering

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      An antiracist demonstration in Vancouver has been disrupted by alt-right activists.

      According to a Facebook post by activist Fatima Jaffer, a purple smoke bomb was set off today at the Community March Against Racism at Victory Square.

      "Huge thanks to the Peacebearers for stepping in and putting their bodies on the line to protect the anti-racist protestors," she wrote. 

      Organizer Imtiaz Popat, cofounder of the Coalition Against Bigotry, told News 1130 that the smoke bomb was thrown just as Vancouver East NDP MP Jenny Kwan was ready to give a speech.

      Police intervened to prevent the situation from escalating.

      Police handcuffed some of those who came to disrupt the antiracism rally.
      Gabriel Yiu

      CKNW News has reported that some men in black hoodies were taken away in handcuffs.

      Today's march attracted about 200 participants and began in Chinatown. It was held to protest racism, bigotry, Islamophobia, and hate propaganda.

      Coalition Against Bigotry

      The event was sponsored by the Pacific chapter to the Coalition Against Bigotry, Black Lives Matter Vancouver, Radical Desi, Siraat, Latinos in Action, Antifa Vancouver, the South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy, Critical Muslim Voices, Salaam Vancouver, the Vancouver Taiko Society, and Watari.

      "We stood our ground thanks to our security and allies," Popat said in a statement released tonight. "The police restrained some of the infiltrators without arresting them."

      He called it a "good march" and claimed victory over the Soldiers of Odin and the UBC Free Speech Club.

      Vancouver East NDP MLA Jenny Kwan was among those marching in the streets before the trouble began.
      Gabriel Yiu