NDP MLA David Eby promises homes will be built for seniors, workers, and students

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      Yesterday, I wrote a commentary on this site questioning all the major B.C. political parties' commitment to addressing the rental housing crisis in the Lower Mainland.

      At the time, it seemed to me that nobody, including the B.C. NDP, was focusing nearly enough attention on the shortage of decent apartments in the region.

      Today, NDP housing critic David Eby posted a very short video on his Twitter feed promising that his party will stimulate construction of more rental housing if it wins the election.

      "A B.C. NDP government would crack down on the absentee speculators driving up pricing in our housing market," Eby said. "We'll end the practice of rich developers buying access to government. And we'll kick off a rental housing construction boom, building housing for seniors, for workers, and students."

      Eby didn't supply any details about the number of units that will be built or how they will be financed. Nor did he provide any time frame in the video for when Lower Mainland residents can expect these suites to be completed and ready to be occupied.

      If the B.C. NDP provides more flesh on its housing promise before the election, we'll make this information available on this website.

      Click "issues" on the B.C. NDP website and this is all you'll see about housing.