Stop the presses—billionaire newspaper owner's editorial board endorses Christy Clark

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      David Thomson is the richest man in Canada, with a family net worth of $27.2 billion, according to Forbes magazine.

      Among his holdings is the Globe and Mail newspaper. And today, Thomson's newspaper endorsed Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberals for the second straight provincial election.

      "On resource development, the Liberals have tried to walk a sensible middle path," the Globe and Mail editorial board intones. "Their dreams of windfalls from the development of a B.C. natural gas export industry have yet to come to fruition – blame global energy prices – but on oil and pipelines, they’ve tried to strike a balance, favouring new projects but demanding environmental assurances and financial returns."

      Not surprisingly, this hasn't gone over well with critics of the B.C. Liberals, including local activist and writer Derrick O'Keefe.

      The Globe and Mail endorsed the federal Conservatives in the past four elections.

      In case you're wondering, here are the headlines for news stories and columns about the B.C. election—including those on turn pages—that have appeared in the Globe's B.C. edition over the past three days:

      "Clark defends stand in lumber dispute"

      "Ottawa mulling ways to provide help for forest workers"

      "Horgan unclear on some issues, unspecific on funding"

      "NDP housing plan could use more specific details, professor says"

      "Opioid crisis being overlooked as death toll spikes"

      "Opioids: Crisis is 'most tragic' emergency in decades, mayor says"

      "Will #IamLinda move votes way from Clark?"

      "Did Trump rescue Clark's campaign?"

      "B.C.'s Clark to target thermal coal regardless of U.S. softwood outcome"

      "Gender challenges persist in politics"

      "Polls give conflicting results for election"

      "Polls: Criticism of pollsters in past election unwarranted, executive says"

      "Liberals are the odd party out in Indigenous survey results"

      "Gender: Men sometimes 'insist on being run in a winnable seat,' professor says"

      "Liberals take back claim woman was NDP plant"

      "Linda: Liberals won't apologize"

      "Grading schools' 'lost' generation"

      "Education: Labour spat to be 'big issue' in election"

      "Clark throws in the #IamLinda towel, admits defeat"