Park board requirement for permits ends free yoga instruction in Dude Chilling Park

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      A yoga group has thrown in the towel and will no longer offer hatha yoga classes in a park in Mount Pleasant.

      The Dude Chilling Yoga Collective was offering instruction by donation twice a day in Guelph Park, a.k.a. Dude Chilling Park.

      "We have been operating in a legal grey area with the city for the past years and have now been informed that we are not going to be allowed to offer classes as we have been at the park," the group states on its Facebook page. "At this time we do not have the means to organize and pay for the required permits that the city is imposing on us."

      The collective said that homeless people were among those who participated in the classes.

      “Vancouver gets that ‘no fun city’ reputation because there are so many hoops to jump through,” yoga instructor Alexa McEwen told CTV Vancouver.

      The final class was on Sunday evening (May 21).

      Watch a video that created by the Dude Chilling Yoga Collective.
      Dude Chilling Yoga Collective