Andrew Scheer narrowly defeats Maxime Bernier in Conservative leadership race

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      The dimpled and often smiling former House speaker from Regina has defeated an ardent libertarian from Quebec to become leader of Canada's Official Opposition.

      Andrew Scheer ended up with 50.95 percent after the 13th round, compared with 49.05 percent for Maxime Bernier.

      Scheer, 38, is the MP for Regina-Qu'Apelle and is considered to be more socially conservative than the 54-year-old Bernier.

      Bernier was leading through the first 12 rounds.

      In B.C., Scheer had 52.94 percent after the final round whereas Bernier had 47.06 percent support.

      But Bernier fared  far better among Vancouver Conservatives.

      In Vancouver Centre Bernier had a huge lead after the 13th round with 69.25 percent. Scheer was left with 30.75 percent.

      In the 13th round in Vancouver Quadra, Bernier had 56.29 percent compared to 43.71 percent for Scheer.

      In Vancouver East, Bernier had 55.36 percent support while in Vancouver Granville, Bernier won 55.15 percent on the final round.

      In Vancouver Kingsway, Bernier ended up with 50.43 percent.">" target="_blank">

      Only in Vancouver South did Scheer emerge victorious within city limits. There, he captured 63.64 percent after the 13th round, compared to 36.36 percent for Bernier.

      Scheer campaigned in favour of giving tax credits to parents who send their kids to independent schools or who home-school their children.

      He's opposed to a federal carbon tax and promised to cut funding to postsecondary institutions that hamper free speech on their campuses.

      The Liberal Party of Canada has issued a statement declaring that Scheer has opposed marriage equality and a women's right to choose on abortion.

      The two leadership candidates from the Lower Mainland, former North Vancouver MP Andrew Saxton and Vancouver businessman Rick Peterson, were knocked off the ballot fairly early.

      Saxton bowed out after the second round when he only won 0.5 percent of the votes.

      Peterson was gone by the end of the third round when he collected 0.67 percent.