Green candidates came second in only six constituencies in B.C. election

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      One of the overlooked stories of the 2017 provincial election campaign was how far back most Green candidates were.

      Early on, they were said to be running neck-and-neck with the NDP on Vancouver Island. And as election day approached, the Greens talked bravely about possibly winning Nelson-Creston and New Westminster.

      While the Greens can claim a breakthrough by winning three seats and holding the balance of power, the story wasn't nearly so pleasant in the province's 84 other constituencies.

      They only managed a second-place finish in six constituencies. And they weren't close in any of them.

      If you were B.C. Green Leader Andrew Weaver and hoping to grow the Green party caucus, you would probably look at those areas as having the best chances of success in the next campaign. With a mixed-member proportional representation system or with the single transferable ballot, perhaps more Greens could get elected.

      Five of those seats are held by New Democrats.

      Kalen Harris of the Greens came second to former NDP leader Carole James in Victoria-Beacon Hill. 

      Green candidate Jonina Campbell came second to the NDP's Judy Darcy in New Westminster.

      Jerry Kroll of the Greens was second, albeit way behind the NDP's Melanie Mark in Vancouver-Mount Pleasant.

      Christopher Maxwell of the Greens was the runner-up behind the NDP's Rob Fleming in Victoria-Beacon Hill.

      Green candidate Kim Charlesworth was second to the NDP's Michelle Mungall in Nelson-Creston.

      And in West Vancouver-Sea to Sky, the Green's Dana Moore Taylor was second behind B.C. Liberal Jordan Sturdy.

      In only one of those constituencies, Victoria-Beacon Hill, did the Green candidate top 30 pecent of the vote, and even then, just barely.

      Meanwhile, Weaver has to decide who he's going to support for premier: Christy Clark or John Horgan.

      Does he reach a deal with the NDP even though five of its MLAs will likely be at or near the top of the Greens' hit list in the next provincial election?

      Or does Weaver go with the B.C. Liberals, against whom the Greens came second only once?

      Weaver says the Green caucus will announce its decision by Wednesday (May 31). Stay tuned.