Go Skate Day invites Vancouver skateboarders to compete for $2000

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      A whole generation grew up on Tony Hawk’s Underground games. THUG and THUG2 let gamers loose in world-class spots like Australia’s Bondi Beach, Spain’s Park Guell, and Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Skaters could grind electric wires, kickflip out of towers, and manual around real to-scale landmarks, hopping between different city locations in search of great tricks.

      THUG, if you think about it, is the video-game version of Vancouver’s Go Skate Day.

      Wednesday’s eight-stop trip sees skaters travel around various locations in the city in pursuit of pulling the best trick. $2000 in cash prizes are on hand for those brave enough to take on challenges like the 720 gazelle or double laser flip, and land them under the rapt gaze of fellow shredders.

      There are plenty of locations for skaters to bust out their best moves. Beginning at the downtown skate plaza at 12pm, the tour will progress to Victory Square and then Seymour Street’s black ice, before pausing at Georgia and Nicola’s Georgia Banks. The Art Gallery is next on the docket, with boarders heading over to B.C. Place’s Terry Fox statue, and later moving back to the Georgia Viaduct skate park. The final stop of the day will be the Strathcona skate park, with its numerous rails, benches, and hubbas.

      Each location will be sponsored by one or more premier skate companies—with swag up for grabs. Indy, Emerica, Element, Bones, Lakai, Girl, Stance, and Roark will all be supporting the day, and giant Vancouver retailer the Boardroom is scheduled to grill sausages as the sun sets. The official afterparty will be held at Fortune Sound Club.

      The trick contest is open to all skill levels, and everyone is welcome to come and barge the city—if they can keep up.

      Go Skate Day begins at the downtown skate plaza at 12 p.m. on Wednesday (June 21)

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