Five new B.C. Liberal cabinet ministers don't mention portfolios under Twitter photos

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      When a politician is appointed to cabinet, it's often a time of celebration.

      It's a sign that this particular MLA has been deemed remarkable enough to warrant admission into the executive council.

      But none of the five new cabinet ministers in Christy Clark's government have seen fit to mention their cabinet positions under their photos on their Twitter feeds.

      What gives?

      Take Sam Sullivan as an example. He's responsible for community, sport, and cultural development.

      But anyone who lands on his account will only see that he's the MLA for Vancouver–False Creek, a former Vancouver mayor, and founder of Global Civic and the Sam Sullivan Disability Foundation.

      It's the same story with new environment minister Jordan Sturdy. There's no mention of his cabinet portfolio under his Twitter photo.

      But we do learn there that Sturdy is the MLA for Vancouver–Sea to Sky Country, as well as a dad, farmer, and Clydesdale runner.

      As for new advanced education minister Linda Reid, again, nada about her cabinet portfolio under her photo.

      The same is true for natural gas development and housing minister Ellis Ross, who only mentions that he's a B.C. Liberal candidate.

      The new minister for technology, innovation, and citzens' services, Jas Johal, doesn't even mention any connection to the B.C. Liberals or the government under his Twitter photo.

      Are they embarrassed to reveal under their photos that they belong to Christy Clark's cabinet? Or did they just feel that it's not such an important part of their identity.

      One of the new parliamentary secretaries, Doug Clovechok, also neglected to mention his promotion under his photo on Twitter.

      Of course, self-actualization can come in many forms. And Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung never said that individuation could only be accomplished successfully by announcing that you've become a minister in the Christy Clark government.

      And there are some in the cabinet who are proud of their new positions, including Andrew Wilkinson, the B.C. Liberal MLA for Vancouver-Quilchena. He's the only minister I've spotted who includes a photo of himself with Lt.-Gov. Judith Guichon at the top of his Twitter page.

      And not all of the new parliamentary secretaries are as modest as Clovechok in letting the world know about their new positions in the Christy Clark government. Michael Lee and Joan Isaacs aren't so shy.

      How long this government lasts is a different question. And perhaps it can be argued that the new cabinet ministers didn't bother putting their portfolios under their photo because they would just have to rejig their profiles again before the end of the month. That's because everyone, including the premier, expects the government to fall in a nonconfidence vote in fairly short order.