Former B.C. Liberal cabinet minister pitches Andrew Weaver on keeping Christy Clark in power

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      The absurdity of B.C. politics never ceases.

      Vancouver lawyer Geoff Plant demonstrated this once again when he opined in the Victoria Times-Colonist that the B.C. Greens could keep the Christy Clark government in power.

      The former B.C. Liberal cabinet minister suggested that the NDP-Green agreement is a "recipe for stalemate" because the speaker would have to constantly cast a tie-breaking vote.

      In Plant's view, this is "hardly a situation that will give the lieutenant governor confidence that [John] Horgan should be given an opportunity to become premier".

      With a lawyer's logic, Plant declared that this "makes an early election almost inevitable".

      However, he claimed that B.C. Green Leader Weaver could forestall that by having two Green MLAs abstain from voting against the throne speech.

      Then the Greens could work with the B.C. Liberals on a broad legislative agenda.

      Prior to the B.C. Greens reaching an agreement with the B.C. NDP on supply and confidence bills, I laid out a scenario of what might happen should the B.C. Greens prop up the B.C. Liberals.

      I surmised the following outcomes:

      * Residents of Cowichan Valley would recall Green MLA Sonia Furstenau.

      * Green party municipal candidates—including incuments Adriane Carr, Stuart Mackinnon, and Michael Wiebe—would be slaughtered in the 2018 Vancouver election.

      * B.C. Green Leader Andrew Weaver's popularity would plummet in public-opinion polls.

      * Transportation activists would flee the Greens.

      Funny, Plant never mentioned any of those things in his column.