Christy Clark explains why she asked Lt.-Gov. Judith Guichon to dissolve the house

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      Premier Christy Clark issued the following statement on the Christy Clark for B.C. Facebook page:

      "First, let me thank you—and this is the most deeply felt thanks—for all the support you've been to me throughout these really difficult and unpredictable weeks. I owe each of you so much.

      "Each of us can be measured by the people who choose to support us—and I am surrounded by the finest group of people. Each of you has such character, principles, and all of you are guided by a need to do good for others. I am profoundly honoured to stand on your shoulders.

      "Last night, the Lieutenant Governor asked John Horgan to form an NDP government with the support of the Green Party. I congratulate John and wish him well as he takes on this immense responsibility. The people of British Columbia are counting on him to work on behalf of everyone in our province.

      "Our job now is the hold the new government to account, and to stand strong for the values that have built our province: a strong free enterprise economy that pays for quality public services, the opportunity to earn a living and look after the people you love, and fiscal responsibility that balances the budget instead of passing on the bill to future generations.

      "My view was, and still is, that none of us with the power to prevent the dilution of our democracy should stand on the sidelines. That's why I decided to ask the Lieutenant Governor to dissolve the House.

      "None of us wanted an election. But faced with the decision between preserving our democratic institutions and standing aside, saying nothing—I had to stand up.

      "However, Her Honour decided not to take my advice—which is her right.

      "I am very grateful for all of your kind notes and thoughts. We battle on my friends."