Hallelujah—City of Vancouver and DVBIA introduce street recycling to downtown core

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      We know it's often frickin' difficult to find a garbage bin on the streets of downtown Vancouver.

      Just try standing at the corner of some busy intersections and try to find a trash can.

      Today, the city announced 15 new garbage and recycling stations in the downtown core, which is a good start.

      They were made possible through a city partnership with the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association.

      Most of the new recycling and garbage stations have been placed on Granville between Hastings and Davie streets.

      Binners are going to have trouble figuring out how to bust into these babies.
      City of Vancouver

      There are also a few new recycling and garbage bins around the Vancouver Art Gallery.

      But don't kid yourself—the city still has a long way to go if it's truly interested in reducing litter.

      That's because Vancouver continues to be woefully short of trash bins on the streets.

      Back in 2011 I did the math. At that time, the City of Vancouver had one sidewalk bin for every 535 residents.

      The City of North Vancouver, on the other hand, had one sidewalk bin for every 375 residents.

      Is it any wonder that the streets of the City of North Van seem to be so devoid of trash in comparison to many parts of Vancouver?

      Here's what they look like from the rear.
      City of Vancouver
      Here's a map of where the recycling stations are placed.
      City of Vancouver