City launches upgrades to high-collision location at Knight Street and Southeast Marine Drive

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      For the next four months, motorists can expect construction delays at night and very early in the morning at the Knight Street and Southeast Marine Drive interchange.

      There could also be delays during the daytime along Southeast Marine Drive outside of the morning and afternoon peak periods.

      That's because the City of Vancouver is making design and signalling changes to enhance safety at the highest vehicle-to-vehicle collision site in town.

      Work begins next Sunday (July 30).

      The changes include a new turn bay for westbound vehicles on Southeast Marine Drive to turn northbound on the Knight Street Bridge, as well as a new shared walking and cycling path.

      Funding is coming from Transport Canada, TransLink, and ICBC.

      "To limit traffic impacts, construction on the off-ramps will occur only at night, typically between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m.," the city stays in a news relese. "Work will occur on SE Marine Drive during the day, with the exception of morning and afternoon peak periods. However, traffic delays are expected, particularly for northbound traffic on the Knight Street Bridge after 8 pm. Northbound travellers are encouraged to consider alternate routes."

      Also on Knight Street, the city is conducting major work on the street curve between East 12th and East 15th avenues, as well as making enhancements to utilities and sidewalks from East 13th to East 37th avenues.